Priced below bank appraisal for quick sale 


SOLD December 22, 2017



Located near historic City of Fredericksburg, Virginia

  • Within about 20-25 minutes of shopping, hospitals, an historic downtown of national acclaim;
  • Less than a mile to a classic country store and post office;
  • In a rural setting; close enough, but far enough away from the city.


Shown By Appointment only. Property is rented to hunters.  Do not go on the property without an appointment.

Contact listing agent, information is found, below. 

OUTDOOR LOVERS                

tidal river beauty
Rappahannock River tidal waters for boating, fishing, hunting

Rock Stop Farm is more than land, it is an outdoor lover’s paradise featuring nature inspired adventures in woods, a stream valley or a tidal river to take you up to an historic city or to the famed Chesapeake Bay and then to perhaps around the world.  Or, just kayak, fish, water ski, or leisurely boat upon the Rappahannock River.

More than land, this is a canvas to write your adventure, build a dream home or rustic cabin.

aerial with boundaries approximate
Aerial using GIS data layers shows Rock Stop Farm and river and woods and surrounding area

Land Value-Timber

Hardwood forest is beautiful and a pleasure to hike, hunt, or just sit and enjoy.  The woods were select cut about two decades, 20 years, ago, and could be select cut again.  


Be a Tree Farmer 

Forestry is a profession with knowledge, expertise, as applied to management skills.  Actually, enrolling in the land use taxation program requires a forestry management plan, which the Virginia Department of Forestry, or a private consultant can help you with. Forestry is a business with profit as the goal.  Helping the environment, wildlife, and recreation are great benefits as well. 

To subscribe to an e-updated for forest owners: subscribe to the Google Groups “forestupdate-g@vt.edu” group.                          

Other Links:  

Virginia Department Forestry:  www.dof.virginia.gov/   

Virginia Forestry Association:  www.vaforestry.org/ 

Forest Stewardship Program, U.S. Forest Service: www.fs.fed.us/spf/coop/programs/loa/fsp.shtml  

hardwood trees dwarf the truck
big trees make the SUV look small


 Land Value: hardwood forest, stream, tidal river, and organic field, together, are valuable as a mix of land uses.   Below, is the organic hay field; no chemicals applied for well over a decade. 


beautiful open land in grass
organic field at Rock Stop Farm

Topography is Varied and Exciting


Flat can become boring.  Rock Stop Farm features level land at the hay field, at the top of a plateau, which then gradually descends in wooded terraces to an escarpment (steep drop-off) to the stream valley and Rappahannock River.  Below, is a U.S. Geological Survey topographic map with contours at ten foot increments.  Please note that the boundary is a GIS layer of the tax map and only an approximation. 

topo map shows degree of level or slope and ground cover
This is the best map to use to navigate the farm. Shows open areas, woods, and water

 Hills along the stream offer great opportunities for hunting stands or as back-stops for target practice. 

target and skeet
Shooting, guns, and skeet (not on this property)
winter view of hills
The plateau gently descends in terraces to then drop sharply in hills

 Above, view of a few of the hills in winter.  Leaves off the trees and a backdrop of snow heighten the contrast. 


Down in the Valley

As shown on the topographic map, above, the stream is bordered by sloping hills, creating a small valley.  It is a small, but usually constant flow of clear moving water, moving to the tidal river, the Rappahannock River. 


clear water, flowing stream
well defined stream with sandy bottom, has water, even a little in dry times;


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