Nature and little else
view from marsh to farm; note the rural nature of area and trees and water

Above, is a view, fall, from Cleve Marsh (about 350 acres), looking across the river at Rock Stop Farm.  You can see the field to the left, and the stream valley, depression between hills to the right.   NOTE: the river can appear a blue hue or color, depending upon the time of day and weather conditions, allowing the water to reflect the sky. 


General Information



Low farm real estate taxes

The 87 acres of Rock Stop Farm are in the Land Use program of Caroline County, Virginia.   2016 real estate taxes were:  $410 for the year.

What is the Land Use program?   Commonwealth of Virginia legislation allows localities to greatly reduce the taxes on a property if that land is used to produce agricultural and/or forestry products.  As applied to Rock Stop, the 87 acres is mostly a tree farm and also produces a hay crop.  Therefore, the real estate taxes are reduced.

  • You must apply for the program each year;
  • The property is conveyed, sold, subject to the land use program and the owner will pay no roll-back taxes;
  • Roll-back taxes are applied if the property is converted to another use such as zoned to commercial, or subdivided into lots;
  • When you build a house, a roll-back tax on a small part of the property where the house is built will be due;
  • QUESTIONS can best be answered from Caroline County; below, double click to get an informative guide and the contact information for Commissioner Revenue office:
  • Land Use Value Assessment Program_201606281453248877



Since the 87 acres is vacant land, there is no address assigned.  

If you have questions for the County government, use the Tax ID number:  11-2-A; owner is Philip Cocke.


house restored
Restored historic house at Rock Stop Farm


Rock Stop Farm and the area around it, except for Haymount, a neo-traditional town that was zoned but not built, the zoning is “Resource Protection” (“RP), with a zoning overlay of “Resource Sensitive” (“RSA”).   Questions?   Caroline County office of planning phone number:  804.633.4303;  

Density is one house per 25 acres. 


A loop-hole of the density, per the zoning ordinance is “Family Subdivision”.  

  • might be able to drop down to one house per two acres;
  • state maintained roads not required;
  • other requirements and restrictions;
  • Call the planning office, above, for details; below, double click for package
  • Caroline County Family Subdivision Packet


Fort AP Hill

Fort AP Hill is a training base of about 76,000 acres and is the reason so little development is in the area; the base has many miles of frontage on Route 17, extending down, below Port Royal.   Please do an internet search and get the contact information for the base and contact them if you have any questions.  Impact ranges and significant explosive work is done mostly below the Town of Port Royal.  


trees and woods to enjoy
Beautiful Hardwood Forest