For sale: Farm, land, river, stream, hardwood forest, organic field, in Virginia

How Rock Stop Farm parcels evolved


Below, is the original plat of survey showing the farm, as divided between two brothers; and the plat was changed, amended later.







layout of farm on river
Plat of survey shows all of farm, as originally divided

In the beginning














Double click:   PDF of original plat entire farm

  Above, you can download, save, print, and zoom-in; zoom-out, to gain detail and understanding from the PDF document.

Two brothers inherited a farm their parents purchased in the 1950’s.   One brother lives on the farm, the other brother is out of state.   They arrived at an agreement to divide the farm.   Caroline County, the local government, required the owners to create rights of way of 50 feet in width, survey the rights of way, and put the plat to record.  

There are plats of survey which show, in detail, where the rights of way are located and the relationship between the rights of way and the existing road, Hicks Landing Road.


aerial with boundaries approximate
Aerial using GIS data layers shows Rock Stop Farm and river and woods and surrounding area

Please note:  although it might appear the property fronts upon Hicks Landing Road, the 87 acres does not.  There is a small property between Hicks Landing Road and the 87 acres.


Roads and Access 

Hicks Landing Road is not a state maintained road.  It is a road near the country store, owned by the Hicks family, and the road goes to a private landing at the Rappahannock River, which is owned by the Hicks Family.  Hence the name of the road:  “Hicks Landing Road”.    You can purchase a right to put a boat in for one day, or a one year right to put a boat into the tidal river.  

There are places where the 50 foot Rock Stop rights of way are on Hicks Landing Road, and other places it is not.   Irrespective, Hicks Landing Road is the means of access, to the farm.  However, please note that further down Hicks Landing Road, there is a property between that road and the Rock Stop Farm lands.  On a GIS map or other map, might look like the property fronts on Hicks Landing Road, but it does not.  The plats of survey are very clear and control. 

DOUBLE CLICK:  Survey Details of Rights of Way to Rt. 17

Above, download, save, print, and zoom-in; zoom-out, to gain detail and understanding from the PDF document.

There is a road maintenance agreement for owners of lands on the 50 foot rights of way.  Thus far, there has never been a meeting and there are no fees.   A copy of the agreement is available and a link is found, below. 

DOUBLE CLICK:  RoadMaintenanceAgmt

 All is surveyed and the plats and agreements are recorded at the Caroline County Circuit Court land records. 

winter photo
best seen with no leaves on the trees; stream valley on Rock Stop Farm.

Rights of Way in general 


Most rural roads in Virginia are variable width prescriptive easements, resulting from the Byrd Road Act of 1932.    A link to Wikipedia article on rural roads in Virginia is at:   The rights of way for most country roads in Virginia are not surveyed and exists as 15 feet in width, either side of the center line of the road. As with anything else, there are many exceptions; such as when the properties were surveyed after 1932 and surveyor marked it off; but the owner of the property generally owns the land to the center of the road, on that landowner’s side of the road; hence a prescriptive easement.   

Rights of way at Rock Stop Farm are surveyed, and put to record, recorded in the land records of Caroline County Circuit Court. 


beautiful open land in grass
organic field at Rock Stop Farm

The ‘new plat’ for the 87 acres.


Please note:  the 86.9 acres is rounded off to “87” acres.

In marketing the Rock Stop Farm tracts for the brother from out of state, a buyer for the historic house at Rock Stop Farm wanted to buy just 25 acres. As a result, the house and 25 acres was ‘surveyed-out’ and the existing plat for the 87 acres results, which is different from the original plat of survey. . 

Below, is a JPEG image.

At right, is a link for the PDF version (double click):     RS_New_Plat_87 acres

Above, you can download, save, print, and zoom-in; zoom-out, to gain detail and understanding from the PDF document.


Plats of survey show river and streams, water

Below, the plat is annotated to show river frontage and streams.  The orange area  is the proposed development called Haymount which has about 600+ acres of open space next to the 87 acres.   Across the river is a very large marsh of about 350 acres.  Thus, significant insulation from development and reinforcement of nature.  Access points and easements are shown. 

plat modified to show water
Plat annotated in color showing river and water and Haymount


winter view of hills
The plateau gently descends in terraces to then drop sharply in hills

 Above, stream valley logging road in winter.  This photo provides a better view of the topography, with no leaves on the trees.